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Meet Marleigh

HOME Meet Marleigh – 7yrs old – acute lymphoblastic leukemia/blood cancer For several months in late 2015, Marleigh experienced headaches that got increasingly worse. Her mom, Tanekka, was worried, but repeated trips to the doctor and the emergency room revealed nothing. Then, in early December, Marleigh was found to suffer from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the…MORE

Meet Jordyn

HOME Meet Jordyn – 11yrs old – acute lymphoblastic leukemia (blood cancer) Jordyn is an 11-year-old gymnast with Olympic dreams – and the talent and dedication to excel. She has earned over 90 medals and been a state champion four times. But since 2014, Jordyn has been channeling her determination into a different challenge: fighting…MORE

Meet Azalea

HOME Meet Azalea – 2yrs old – rhabdomyosarcoma (cancerous solid tumor) In late November, early December of 2015, Simone began to notice an abnormal growth on the body of her daughter, Azalea, 2. Doctors in her home country of Jamaica originally prescribed a series of steroid creams to make it go away. Instead, it kept…MORE

Meet Bryce

HOME Meet Bryce 4yrs old – Sickle Cell Anemia Disease It was originally a sunny, celebratory day, shortly after his parents brought baby Bryce home from the hospital. But the day turned dark when a knock at their door brought life-changing news. Bryce had been diagnosed with sickle cell disease. Adrienne and Bruce, parents of…MORE

Pray for Deon Kipping

PUT YOUR PRAYER REQUEST IN Oops! We could not locate your form. I AM COMMITTED TO PRAYER FOR DEON KIPPING AND OTHERS Oops! We could not locate your form.MORE